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Subject area:
Extremism, Radicalisation
Age group:
KS 2, KS 3, KS 4
Lesson plan
Pdf, Presentation slides, Videos

Lesson plan and short film to teach Year 6 and above about radicalisation and all types of extremism. This resource seeks to support schools in building pupils’ understanding of these issues and building resilience to the methods and processes of radicalisation. The resource is a stand-alone unit that should be taught within a planned PSHE programme. It has been developed by the Let’s Talk About It Campaign.

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Fat Face lesson plan

Lesson plan and teacher guidance to support schools in discussing the issues arising from the Fat Face film.

Fat Face presentation

Slides to support delivery of the Fat Face lesson plans.

Fat Face video

Teaching video showing a young boy’s journey to far-right extremism. [ Use the password ‘toler8’. ]