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Online safety advice for parents from Childnet International, a non-profit organisation helping to make the internet a safe space for children. Whether you’re puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about gaming, Childnet International can help parents keep up to speed with what children and young people are doing online. The website includes a whole host of useful ways to keep your child safe, from the basics every parent needs to know, to hot topics and emerging web trends.


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Parents: Supporting Young People

Online downloadable leaflet containing information advice for parents on supporting young people online. Available in multiple languages.

What do I need to know?

Key advice for parents and carers including conversation starters about online safety.

Need help?

Support and advice for parents and carers about how to make a report online.

Hot topics

Detailed information on a range of topics affecting young people.

Have a conversation

Advice and resources to help parents and carers have a conversation with their children about online safety.