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Subject area:
Extremism, Fundamental British Values, Religion
Age group:
KS 2, KS 3
Lesson activity, Training
Pdf, Videos

Interfaith Explorers is a resource designed to promote mutual respect through greater understanding of different faiths. Students are presented with a challenge from Professor Khalili to found out more about the Abrahamic faiths. The learning unit then suggests a number of teacher-led classroom activities and independent research activities to introduce key vocabulary and support students to achieve a number of ‘I Can…’ statements. The unit focuses on RE and PSHE and also makes some cross-curricular links to English, mathematics, art, design and technology, history and geography. Further support is available to teachers in the form of webinars.

The Maimonides Foundation: Interfaith Explorers logo
Learning unit: Full implementation

A learning resource for Year 5 and 6 that can be delivered as a six-week unit or in parts.

The Professor's letter

The Interfaith Explorers Characters' top tips for approaching the Learning Unit.

Key vocabulary

Information providing a useful reference point and support for pupils as they commence with their journey of learning.


A range of regularly updated current and topical information, alongside interesting ideas, materials and practices for teachers.

Webinar: British values and community cohesion

Understanding the role of British values in promoting community cohesion and best practice advice.

Classroom wall planner

Calendar of key religious days across the Abrahamic faiths that can be used for any year.