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Subject area:
Fundamental British Values, Religion
Age group:
KS 3
Lesson activity, Lesson plan

Learning About Inter Faith is a resource designed to help Key Stage 3 pupils learn about the variety of inter faith activity across the UK, using examples from across different communities. The resource can also help pupils to think about British values and values shared by different religions. 

The resource consists of a teachers’ introduction and four units. Teachers can choose individual units to suit pupils’ needs and interests. Learning about Inter Faith is created by The Inter Faith Network which aims to make better known and understood the teachings, traditions and practices of the different faith communities in the UK. Teachers may want to use this resource during Inter Faith Week. 

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Teacher introduction

Background information and guidance for teachers on how to use the resources.

Unit 1: Introducing Inter Faith activity in the UK

This unit aims to help pupils understand the religious diversity of the UK.

Unit 2: Let's talk - Inter Faith dialogue

This unit is aimed at helping pupils understand the unique features of dialogue, including how it differs from debate.

Unit 3: Faith communities, service and solidarity

This unit looks at the contribution faith communities and inter faith groups make to society as a whole.

Unit 4: Faith communities in service for the wellbeing of others

This unit highlights a number of ways that faith communities and inter faith bodies respond to social need and emergencies.