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Fundamental British Values
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KS 1, KS 2, KS 3, KS 4, KS 5
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Information about the Parliamentary Education Centre, how to arrange a school visit, and teaching resources about democracy and Parliament. There are a range of visits and workshops available, mostly including a tour of the Palace of Westminster, access to a learning space with facilitated object handling designed to explore elements of Parliament, a 360 video projection room and documentary. Children can attend workshops to learn how voting works and answering key questions such as “What are elections?” and “What is democracy and representation?” Visits can be tailored for different ages, special educational needs and disabilities.

Back in the classroom, there are a range of education resources that can be delivered by the teacher to explore Parliament and how it works. These include videos, interactive games and handouts.

UK Parliament logo
Visit Parliament

Book a free school or college trip to UK Parliament, including a post-16 experience or SEND quiet day.

UK Parliament outreach assembly

Book an introduction to UK Parliament at your school - suitable for pupils aged 7 and above.

Online learning sessions

Sign up for live, online learning sessions, choose either 'Learn Live' or 'Lords Live'.

Parliament e-book

A free downloadable book for students aged 14-16 exploring the role of Parliament, MPs and the House of Lords.

MP for a week online game

Online game to give a taste of life as an MP, can be completed individually, in pairs or as a class.