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Subject area:
Fundamental British Values, Prevent duty, Safeguarding
Curriculum map, Policy guidance, Policy templates
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A step-by-step guide on how to implement the Prevent duty in your school, from the London Borough of Ealing. This toolkit includes ideas, resources and best practice approaches to support primary and secondary school practitioners to understand the principles of the Prevent strategy and implement the Prevent duty as part of a whole school approach. Curriculum mapping and risk assessment templates are also available.

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Ealing Prevent Toolkit for Schools

Step by step guide to implementing the Prevent duty through a whole school approach, including curriculum mapping guidance.

Risk assessment profile template

A template to encourage schools to consider current strategies, policies and procedures relating to prevent.

RAG rating template

A template to evaluate the severity and likelihood of specific risks relating to Prevent and record actions taken.

Risk assessment guidance notes

Additional information to support completion of the Ealing risk assessment templates.