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Subject area:
Extremism, Fundamental British Values
Age group:
KS 2
Lesson ideas, Teacher guidance
Videos, Zip

Programme of lessons, developed by teachers in Wales, which aims to counter intolerance at an early age and instead promote ethical, moral citizenship and fundamental British values. Each lesson is designed to last for one hour and is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan as well as printable materials. To further support teachers, each lesson has been filmed to demonstrate how they can be implemented in the classroom.

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Lesson 1 - Citizens

Lesson materials to explore what makes a good citizen.

Lesson 2 - Stereotypes

Lesson materials to help students understand what a stereotype is and how to challenge them.

Lesson 3 - Respect

Lesson materials to develop skills to express an opinion sensitively and respect the opinion of others.

Lesson 4 - Extremism

Lesson materials to explain extremism and explore how why some extreme views can be positive whilst some can be harmful.

Lesson 5 - Propaganda

Lesson materials to help students to recognise propaganda and understand how it can influence our judgements.

Lesson 6 - Rights

Lesson materials to explore the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Online Teacher’s Manual

Additional guidance for teachers to deliver the GOT sessions.

Filmed Exemplar Lessons

Six filmed lessons to demonstrate the implementation of the KS2 Challenging Extremism Lessons.