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Subject area:
Prevent duty
Age group:
Early Years, KS 1, KS 2, KS 3, KS 4, KS 5
Non-statutory guidance, Policy templates
Excel sheet, Web pages

These templates are for:

  • registered early years settings
  • maintained schools
  • academies
  • non-association independent schools
  • further education and skills providers

They support you to assess the risk of children, young people or adult learners being radicalised into terrorism, including online.

The risk assessment template can help you demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the terrorism threat in the local area, the phase of education and the size and type of setting. The template supports providers to set out an action plan to communicate and clarify procedures in place to mitigate risks to children, young people and adult learners vulnerable to radicalisation into terrorism.

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Prevent duty: risk assessment templates

Prevent duty risk assessment templates for early years, schools and further education providers.