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Teaching resources created in partnership with UCL Institute of Education to encourage debate of the issues surrounding 9/11. The resources can be used as part of Key Stage Three history, citizenship, RE, art and design and English lessons. The resources develop the critical thinking skills of young people and promote dialogue by exploring different cultural and political perspectives. PDF and PowerPoint Presentations support lesson delivery alongside broader guidance on discussing controversial sensitive topics. You will need to create an account on the Since 9/11 website to access the below resources.

History enquiry: Consequences of 9/11

This module aimed at KS3 explores the short, medium and long term consequences of 9/11.

Citizenship lesson: How do countries respond to terrorism?

This KS3 lesson explores how different governments across the world responded to the 9/11 attacks and the outcomes of those responses.

Citizenship lesson: How tolerant is the UK?

This KS3 lesson looks at different forms of diversity in the UK and interrogates how tolerant we are as a society.

RE lesson: Religious attitudes to conflict

This KS3 lesson explains some different religious attitudes to reconciliation and conflict through a series of slides and an activity sheet.

RE lesson: Forgiveness and retribution

This KS3 lesson considers whether reconciliation might be more important than retribution and examines the causes and justifications of conflict.

Supporting students after a terror attack

Guidance note for schools to help support your school in the immediate aftermath of an attack.

Guidance on teaching sensitive issues

Advice for teachers on how to discuss complex topics, such as the aftermath of 9/11, in a sensitive way.