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Subject area:
Debate and discussion
Age group:
KS 3, KS 4
Lesson activity, Teacher guidance
Pdf, Presentation slides

These resources have been developed by the Solutions Not Sides (SNS) team to offer teachers & their students resource materials that can be used in classrooms together, or independently by students. The teacher guides can make sure you feel confident and informed when discussing this topic with students. The class activity packs areĀ  interactive, with multimedia elements, questions, time for reflection, and scope for further reading & learning.

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Teacher Guide: How to Talk About Israel-Palestine in School

Use this teacher guide to create safe spaces and hold sensitive conversations with students about Israel-Palestine.

Teacher Guide: Avoiding Hate Speech Around The Topic Of Israel-Palestine

This is a brief guide on how to avoid falling back on language that may, intentionally or not, fall under the categories of antisemitic or Islamophobic hate speech.

Teacher Guide: Israel-Palestine Vocabulary

A non-exhaustive but relatively comprehensive vocabulary guide giving you brief definitions and outlines of key terms and names related to the situation in Palestine and Israel.

Class Activity Pack: Nationalism

This resource helps your students think about national identity and how it is expressed.

Class Activity Pack: Activism in The UK

This resource helps you understand the motivations for and reasons behind activism in the UK.