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Subject area:
Hate crime, Prejudice, Religion, Stereotyping
Age group:
KS 3, KS 4, KS 5
Lesson activity, Lesson ideas, Lesson plan
Pdf, Presentation slides, Videos

Stand Up! Discrimination Today and Yesterday is a classroom resource which aims to explore issues around discrimination and tolerance. The resource focuses on anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim hatred. Teachers may use this resource to teach about discrimination, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred historically and in Britain today. The resource contains different versions for different abilities.

This resource is provided by Stand Up! an interfaith programme which aims to educate young people to learn about and act against discrimination, racism, anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim hatred. The resources contain a lesson plan, a PowerPoint Presentation and a video link for one of the presentation slides.

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Lesson plan

Detailed lesson plan to go alongside the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint presentation

Twenty-six slide PowerPoint presentation for use in the classroom.

Video link

For use in slide six of the PowerPoint presentation.