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Subject area:
Debate and discussion, Extremism, Radicalisation
Age group:
KS 3, KS 4
Lesson activity, Lesson ideas, Lesson plan
Pdf, Presentation slides, Videos

The lesson plan, classroom PowerPoint presentation and curriculum guide created by Votes for Schools encourages secondary school pupils to answer the question ‘can sharing stories tackle extremism?’. The resource includes a range of activities and media to develop student’s understanding of extremism, how it develops and how it might be tackled.

Votes for Schools is a voting platform for schools which aims to develop student’s voices on current affairs.

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PowerPoint lesson

45 minute PowerPoint classroom lesson for secondary school pupils.

Lesson plan

Lesson plan for teachers to accompany the PowerPoint lesson.

Curriculum guide

Curriculum guide for teachers which identifies the links the lesson makes with the Prevent and Ofsted expectations of SMSC delivery.