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Subject area:
Fundamental British Values, Radicalisation
Age group:
KS 2, KS 3, KS 4, KS 5
Fact sheet, Interactive website, Lesson ideas
iCalendar, Interactive site, Pdf

Our new and improved Educate Against Hate Calendar for 2023/24 highlights important awareness dates in the academic year which might provide opportunities to discuss things like online safety, Fundamental British Values and extremism with your students.

The calendar is available as a webpage, in an accessible PDF format, and as an iCalendar suitable for import into Google, iOS and Outlook calendars.

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EAH Calendar (Webpage)

A webpage version of the calendar. For an accessible version, please download the PDF.

EAH Calendar (PDF)

An accessible PDF version of the calendar for download and print.

EAH iCalendar

A calendar you can import into Google, iOS or Outlook to add these dates to your own diary.