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Subject area:
Debate and discussion, Extremism, Let's Discuss, Radicalisation, Terrorism
Age group:
KS 3, KS 4
Lesson ideas, Teacher guidance
Pdf, Presentation slides, Videos

Our ‘Let’s Discuss‘ resources are designed to help teachers facilitate difficult classroom conversations in secondary schools. This resource pack can help you discuss the extreme right-wing with your students.

Knowing how to explain complex topics such as extremism and terrorism can be daunting for teachers, this resource pack helps you teach your students about the extreme right-wing. This resource pack contains teacher guidance, a short video, PowerPoint slides and a fictional case-study.

The video is available to introduce students to key ideas and vocabulary. Teachers can show the full video and pause at key points for discussion, or use the shorter snippets to focus on certain themes. A fictional case-study suitable for students can be used to build understanding of and resilience to the grooming techniques used by radicalisers.

Separate ‘Let’s Discuss’ resources are also available on Islamist extremism, left-wing, anarchist and single-issue extremism and fundamental British values.

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Teacher guidance

Provides an overview of this resource along with advice on using it in the classroom.

Extreme right-wing film

A film for teachers to show students that explains the extreme right-wing and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

Extreme right-wing PowerPoint

A set of slides with suggested discussion questions, which can be used by teachers alongside the film.

Fictional case-study – student handout

A handout showing how Matt is being radicalised with extreme right-wing views by someone he met through online gaming.

Fictional case-study – teacher annotations

An annotated hand-out to help teachers identify the radicalisation techniques being used in the case-study and suggested discussion questions.

Extreme right-wing film clips

A collection of four short clips which cover the key points of the main film.