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Subject area:
Debate and discussion, Extremism, Fundamental British Values, Online safety, Radicalisation, Religion, Terrorism
Age group:
KS 2
Lesson activity, Lesson ideas, Lesson plan
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Three classroom lessons on identity, violent extremism and digital resilience created by the Community Safety Team at the London Borough of Waltham Forest. It is intended for use within upper KS2 classrooms, but could be adapted for lower KS2 and lower KS3 settings.

The resources include lesson plans for three teaching sessions, PowerPoint presentations for each teaching session and guidance on how to tackle frequently asked questions in open discussion. The scheme of work is most effective when all sessions are delivered but you may wish to deliver one or two if this is appropriate to your setting.


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Introduction and lesson plans

Introduction and lesson plans for all three teaching sessions.

Workshop 1- Identity and community

The first PowerPoint presentation which aims to help pupils understand themes around identity, community and their place within this.

Workshop 2- Understanding violent extremism

The second PowerPoint lesson which aims to help pupils understand what is meant by violent extremism in different forms.

Workshop 3- Digital Resilience

The third PowerPoint lesson which aims to increase pupils’ resilience to online extremism.

Frequently asked questions

Example questions and answers which may be raised in workshops with pupils.