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Subject area:
Hate crime, Online safety, Radicalisation, Safeguarding, Stereotyping
Age group:
KS 4
Lesson ideas
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Slide packs developed by Green Spring Academy covering topics that range from staying safe online, cults and how cults recruit, peer pressure, unhealthy relationships and respecting others. The package is made up of 17 sessions. It is suggested that the programme are implemented over six weeks with Key Stage Four pupils. Each session could be delivered in around 15-30 minutes making them suitable for form time.

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London identity

Slides to explore how living in London might shape a young person’s identity.

Staying safe in society

Slides to support discussion of how safe students feel and what concerns they have in their community.

Staying safe on your phone

Slides to explore what risks might be associated with social media, including fake news and sexting.

Staying safe in school

Slides to explore how safe students feel in school, that can be adapted according to your school context.

Staying safe online

Slides to initiate discussion of online risks including peer pressure and cyberbullying.

Prejudice and discrimination

Slides to discuss prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination, that can be adapted according to your school context

Hate crime

Slides to improve understanding of hate crime.

What to do if others are being exploited

Slides to discuss what it means to be an ‘upstander’ using Martin Luther King as a starting point.


Slides to teach about cults and discuss why people might be persuaded to join them.

How cults recruit

Slides to help students understand the techniques used by cults and gangs to recruit new members.

The dangers

Slides to support students to understand the risks of radicalisation using case studies and videos.

Sex in the media

Slides to support a discussion about the impact of media on social norms and body image.

Manipulation and peer pressure

Slides to explore how messages from the media can put pressure on young people.

Manipulation, persuasion and how to stay safe

Slides to encourage young people to be wary of people they meet online using videos to prompt discussion.


Slides to explore the topic of consent and sexual assault.

Respecting others

Slides to improve students’ confidence in standing up to peer pressure.

Unhealthy or abusive relationships

Slides to improve students’ understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like.